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How to use ?

1) Download
2) Input Your Email And Pass
3) Generate Money
4)  You can Add just once money on your account.. !

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PayPal-it's convenient and fast way to pay onlineThe company was founded in 1998, and in Poland since 2006. Currently operating in 190 countries, and transactions can be done in 19 currencies. This system works on the principle of virtual wallet from which you can bothwithdraw funds (to pay for servicesor pay (receive money from other users).

       How do you fund your account Paypal:

-credit or debit card
-transfer from another PayPal account

     How can I withdraw funds from your PayPal account:

-bank account (bank account)
-to other PayPal account

Paypal offers us three types of accounts:

Personal - Allows you to send and receive money using the admin panel Paypal.
Special - This is an extended feature a personal account through which we can receive the payments made by credit card.
Businesses - Allows you to receive credit card payments and send any payments to persons e-mail address (paypal account) on behalf of your company.
What is free with PayPal?

     Paypal Accountestablishment and maintenance of an account is free

Paying with PayPalpaying for purchases with PayPal, you do not pay any feesExceptwhen the transaction involves a currency conversion

Buyer Protection on eBay - PayPal returns the money in the case of disputed transactionson eBay.
Payment of money from your PayPal: payment of money to the bank account is free,regardless of the amount.

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